Volume 1 Issue 1, April 2013

CONTENT                                                                   Foreword; Dr. Khalid Bin Sad Al Meqrin, Rector, Majmaah University

 PrefaceProf. Mohammad Othman AlRukban (Editor-in-Chief) Vice Rector, Majmaah University

Clinical Note

Riaz Qureshi; Medical Hypnosis - A Poorly Understood Therapeutic Modality

Invited Review

Raid Al -Baradie, S Lynch, J Borresen, Jerzy Krupinski, Mark Slevin; CDP-choline neuroprotection and vascular remodelling via IRS-1 mechanisms in Vascular Dementia. Growing neurons atop microelectronic chips as a new model for neurodegeneration

Original Articles

Rehan M Asad, Moattar R Rizvi, Sami Waqas, Kamran Afzal; Gentamycin toxicity to central Nervous System

Mansour Al-Zahrani; The prevalence of vitamin-D deficiency in type 2 Diabetes mellitus

Jamaan M. Zahrani; Knowledge, attitude and practice of parents towards childhood vaccination

Khaled Al-Dossari; Parental Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on Antibiotic Use for Upper Respiratory Tract Infections in Children

Abu Shaphe, Irshad Ahmad, Faizan Z Kashoo, Shadabuddin; Effect of aerobic exercises on Blood Pressure in mild & moderate hypertensive middle aged & older patient

Review Articles

Nasser Al Jarallah; Recent insight into Nosocomial Infection a – Review

Moattar Raza Rizvi; Animal models of Non Cirrhotic portal hypertension

Case Report

Saleem Shaikh, Abdur Rahman Al-Atram, Sachdeva Harleen; Roach’s Type II Variant of Sturge-Weber Syndrome

View point

Mir Manzoor Ahmad; Tuberculosis Time bomb - A Global Emergency: Need for Alternative Vaccines

Medical Quiz, Wahengbam PS Al Waheed

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